That they may set their hope in God,

                 And not forget the works of God, But keep His commandments  



 Harvesttime Assembly of God
 is a church where people meet to:

                           Worship   God through singing and praise

                           Pray      spiritually connect with God and bring change

                           Study   the Bible to know who God is and seek truth

                           Make    friends and build friendships

                           Help     and encourage each another, until He comes


Our desire is to build God's Kingdom together, applying God’s truth to our everyday lives Sunday and the rest of the week! Not only at church but work, school, home or wherever we are.





AG.org News & Information

  • Church Dedicates Alzheimer's Facility

    Van Buren (Arkansas) First Assembly of God and Senior Pastor Bobby Johnson recently dedicated their new $5 million, 34,000 square-foot Memory Lane Alzheimer's Special Care Unit.

  • AG Missionary Reaches Children via TV Show

    Randy Thompson, a U.S. missionary with Assemblies of God Missionary Church Planters and Developers, has been fulfilling his calling to reach tween children (ages 8-12). This year he took his ministry to the airwaves, launching the 'Tween You and Me television series, with broadcasting available to 60 million homes.

  • Southeastern University Announces Major Expansion

    Southeastern University's (AG) board recently unanimously approved plans for at least a $25 million expansion that will feature three new buildings, a track and field area, and a parking garage.

  • Three Out of Four Still View Bible as God's Word

    A recent Gallop poll says 75 percent of Americans still see the Bible as the actual or inspired Word of God.

  • Church Sponsors Multiple Weddings at no Charge

    After teaching what the Bible has to say about cohabitation, Grand Rapids First Assembly of God and Senior Pastor Sam Rijfkogel offer those cohabitating an opportunity to make things right.